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36 Kent Street
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Welcome to the
Georgetown CAP Site

CAP - Community Access Program - works with communities throughout Canada to take advantage of new communication technologies.

The following are some FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - courtesy of the Provincial CAP website.

Who uses CAP sites?
Everyone uses CAP sites. In many cases, youth and seniors have the most restricted access from other sources and are the largest users of CAP center.

What is the cost to use the CAP sites?
Although not regulated, most CAP sites offer access free of charge to the general public. A few, in most cases community centre locations, will charge a small fee ie. $1.00 per session to cover basic expenses. In most CAP sites a small fee also applies to consumable goods such as printing, copying etc.

What does the future hold for CAP?
Increasingly CAP sites are being looked at as the most appropriate and only capable national network to deliver many forms of on-line services such as distance education, tele-medicine, electronic commerce and government services delivery.

For more FAQ information please visit the Provincial CAP Website

www.peicaps.org www.ic.gc.ca
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