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Dynapower USA has a wide variety of enclosures that have been crafted to provide higher attention, higher content as well as budget friendly rackmount instance layouts. We pride ourselves in managing to change or personalize any type of rackmount case layout in a quote to give OEM/ODM services. Our rackmount case selection is tailored to pleasing business criteria that include cost, scalability, utmost integrity and room optimization. Every one of our rackmount server situation designs suit commercial, cloud computer as well as information center environments.

The 1U

collection 19-inch rackmount case is well matched to comply with all your computing demands and also it enhances the space on your web server rack kindly. Its thermal air conditioning system features cooling down followers and a front passage for amazing air consumption. It has actually various personalized I/O covers to promote different circuit board kinds and also to allow flexibility for storage space or server applications. This rackmount server case assists a max of 4x integrated hot-swappable drive molds together with incorporated SATA/SAS/SCSI / IDE and also mini-SAS backplanes.

The 2U

rackmount situation attributes complete dimension growth ports that sustain three add-on cards which could include PCI, AGP, PCI-X or PCI express architecture. This rackmount situation has an optional 7 x slot inconspicuous backplane for supporting any kind of add-on cards in multiple system settings. The 2U rackmount web server situation comfortably fits basic ATX/2U power products for higher power requirements while the storage space collection sustains around 8 very hot swappable drive molds. It additionally showcases integrated SAS/SATA/IDE / SCSI/Mini-SAS backplanes. There are 2U Entry level, Advanced-level and also RAID Storage space models. The 3U rackmount instance is implied to cater for the space demands and also riser cards limits of 2Dynapower U.S.A has a wide variety of rooms that have been crafted to supply higher concentrationU. It has the exact same internal capacities as the 4U, i.e. basic ATX


extended ATX motherboard assistance as well as 7 slots for full size Add-on cards. This rackmount Server Case comfortably matches 2U or 3U power supply systems in solitary or repetitive types. The storage space series assists a max of 16 hotswappable drive molds with incorporated SATA, Multilane SATA, SCSI, SAS backplanes. Thermal control boards as well as hotswappable sphere bearing followers are optional upgrades for the device. Dynapower U.S.A? s 4U rackmount web server situation line is engineered for many applications to optimDynapower UNITED STATE has a wide range of enclosures that have actually been crafted to give high concentrationize your web server technology through our ISO9001 licensed OEM/ODM capacity. With this we offer VARs, IT application service providers, and also armed forces customers among others using streamlined and cost effective parts. These rackmount instance optional functions include: full 7x

expansion slots, multilane cable management, Mini Redundant PSU and also higherperformance PS2, hotswappable followers, ATX to EATX type elements as well as 14 to 19 slot passive backplanes. The 5U rackmount situation is specially created extra drive capability systems as well as high accessibility fault tolerant web servers. This rackmount web server case assistances 24 hard disk trays with hotswappable bays plus the optional functions of the 4U rackmount case making it one of the most suitable business degree storage space server device. The 6U rackmount situation assistances full dimension repetitive power supplies enabling it to run a max of36 disk drives. It agrees with for space essential information storage space tools and also servers which require breakthrough configured add-on cards. It effortlessly handles Extensive ATX circuit boards as well as industrial SBC board systems many thanks to its optional 20 slot passive backplane.


rackmount server case additionally features fault detection and also alarm system notices to enable it check its own equipment standing inclusive of power ON/OFF, hard drive, fan temperature as well as LAN LEDs.

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