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The Community Access Program Youth Initiative is coordinated by Industry Canada's Community Access Program and is funded through the Youth Employment Strategy of Canada which is overseen by Human Resources and Social Development Canada.

This initiative aims to provide employment opportunities for Canadians between the ages of 15 and 30 - primarily students, recent graduates, the under-employed or unemployed.

Its goals are:
  • To support the long term sustainability of CAP sites;
  • To increase the use of information technology while promoting economic and social development;
  • To provide young people with IT skills thereby positioning them for long-term employment.
  • To play some flash games (like tank games or artillery games) and relax the hard working day. These games can really help to avoid problems.

For more information or to apply for the
CAP YI program please download the PDF below.

CAP Youth Initiative.pdf

A typical CAP site was designed especially to meet all your basic technical needs from within your community. Whether you're a first time user or not, our friendly staff will provide the guidance and expertise necessary to make the local CAP site work best for you. A typical CAP site can also provide affordable access to a variety of technological tools, like scanning and printing facilities, computer programs, training courses, the Internet and much more.

What Can The Internet Do For Me?
Along with being a powerful information resource, the Internet can also help you save time and money.

Tired of waiting in long government or bank line-ups?
Look up government and banking services online. 

Want to connect with friends and family?
Email or instant message them without the worry of costly postage or telephone bills.

Interested in furthering your education?
Enroll in distance and online education courses. 

Looking for a job?
Create a resume and research employment opportunities anywhere in the world.

Want to shop online or promote your business?
Discover the value of e-commerce and start buying and selling online. 

Want to help your child with his or her school work?
Help them research their papers and homework assignments on the World Wide Web. 

Planning a holiday?
Research your destination and book your itinerary online.

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